International Symposium on Loss Prevention and Safety Promotion in Process Industries

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Examples of topics:

Section 1. Risk assessment

  • Resilience-based approaches for risk assessment, hazard identification, dependability, cost (1.A)
  • Smart factory and prevention of accidents (1.B)
  • Hydrogen or fuel cell safety, Carbon capture and CO2 storage safety, Biogas safety (1.C)
  • Nanomaterial safety, Emerging risks (1.D)
  • Safety and loss prevention in COVID19 era (1.E)

Section 2. Security & Safety

  • Threats, analysis, measures, optimization (2.A)
  • Cyber security and risk of digitalization (2.B)
  • Safety of material production for solar cells (2.C)
  • New test methods and improvements of old ones, forensic tests (2.D)
  • Consequence analysis topics, Maintenance topics (2.E)

Section 3. Lessons learnt / Case studies

  • Case study / lessons learnt of integrated aspects of loss prevention (3.A)
  • Plants of the future (3.B)
  • Case study / lessons learnt of Clean energy safety (3.C)
  • Processing of nuclear materials (3.D)
  • Accident case studies and lessons learnt from them (3.E)

Section 4. Human & organizational factors

  • New opportunities for students and young researchers in safety engineering, Process simulation (4.A)
  • Training in virtual / augmented reality, Cognition, Organizational health (4.B)
  • Training and training material (4.C)
  • Organizational systems (SMS for novel hazards), Test reproducibility (round robins) (4.D)
  • Expert judgment, Decision making (4.E)

Section 5. Leadership and risk communication

  • Risk & Safety management; Sustainability and process safety integration; Connection of chemical safety, loss prevention, occupational safety and environmental hazards (5.A)
  • New stories on Safety 4.0 (5.B)
  • Risk communication (5.C)
  • UN, GHS, IGUS organizational aspects (5.D)
  • Organizational structure (5.E)