Welcome to the Swedish Process Safety Association (IPS)!

IPS is a non-profit association with just over 100 member organisations - process industry companies, consultants, equipment suppliers, authorities and engineering universities.

We are associate members of the European Process Safety Centre.

Our mission is to increase the process safety standards in Sweden, through sharing of knowledge and experience.

We produce literature and organise courses and seminars, freely available for all employees in member organisations. Publications and events are also available for non-members, at a cost. 

Here is brief presentation of IPS (9 slides).


Most of our publications are in Swedish, and a few in English:

  • Process Safety Indicators - the swedish experience (paper by Johan Ingvarson and Anders Jacobsson, to be published in Chemical Engineering Transactions, about the IPS Project "Use of Process Safety Indicators" (among member companies). This paper was presented by Johan Ingvarson at the 16th International Symposium on Loss Prevention and Safety Promotion in the Process Industries in Delft, June 2018)
  • Dust explosions (2006)
  • Downsizing: Hazards and risk assessment tools (2006)

Best thesis prize

The IPS Best Thesis Prize for 2022 was awarded to Isabella Bergström for her work, "Mapping of Process Hazard Analyses in Swedish Process Industries and How the Work Can be Improved" (link). 

For further information about IPS, please contact us at the following email address: info@ips.se