Publicerad 9 augusti, 2023

EPSC Webinar 7/9: Understanding, Predicting and Mitigating Abnormal Process Events

Thursday 7 September 2023 from 15:00 - 16:00 (CEST)

This webinar will be facilitated by PPCL with Alan Mahoney as speaker.

Abnormal events are unplanned qualitative changes in operations from faults, disturbances, or errors. They can have substantial safety and financial impacts on operations.

This webinar looks at the use of Geometric Process Control (GPC) to visualize and understand historic events, model normal event-free operation, and provide operators with real time feedback when the process changes so they can act to prevent or mitigate an event.

Aspects to be discussed in an interactive setting

  • Visualizing data for hundreds of variables
  • Investigating historic process events
  • Geometric models of normal operation for operator action
  • Comparison with other technologies

You can register free of charge using the online registration form after which you will receive a confirmation email with the link (Microsoft Teams) to join.