Adaptation to climate change and impact on the process industry

Loss Prevention Working Party inom European Federation of Chemical Engineers arrangerar ett webbinarium 12 mars kl 14.00-16.30 om nya/ökade olycksrisker inom processindustrin till följd av klimatförändringar ("Natech risks"). Så här skriver de om programmet (fullständigt program finns här):

The world is changing driven by climate change, energy transition and digitalization, so the traditional boundaries of engineering are merging, while novel risks are appearing. It is expected a sharp increase of NaTech risk in the next years since most of the natural events that can trigger technological hazards are influenced by climate change (i.e. extreme temperatures, floods, heavy rains, storms, etc.). Within this context, efforts are performed by national and international authorities worldwide, to introduce strategies of adaptation and mitigation, including reliable assessment procedures and emergency planning for local communities.

This webinar will provide you with a vision of new approaches, advanced techniques, good practice, and applicative results illustrating the interdisciplinary features of the problem. World-class experts in the field will address a comprehensive discussion on selected themes focusing on the following challenges:

  • direct and indirect impacts of climate change on industrial facilities, expected damage patterns, 
  • failure mechanisms due to extreme heat, cold, wildfire, and permafrost thawing;
  • wildfires created problems for the process industry and the map of the wildland-industrial interface in Europe;
  • evolution and new paradigms toward a more reliable and comprehensive NaTech risk assessment;
  • ensuring the resilience of critical infrastructure systems against vegetation, an underlying risk factor possibly compromising power grid reliability during Natech scenarios.

Participants from both academia and industry are very welcome.